Friday, May 15, 2020

A Visit to the Ocean!

Hi everyone! You should have received  your learning packets for the week!  Remembering that children learn best through play you can do the following to help implement this theme.  Look around your house for books, toys, puzzles and even stuffed animals that fit this theme.  One thing I like to do is to build a habitat for the animals, so bring them into the bathtub or in the kitchen sink. Another great activity is to practice making the sounds of the different animals as you go through the week.  You can "glide like a sea turtle or eat like a shark! Make it fun and bring the theme into as much of your day as possible!

Also, just a reminder no school on the 22nd or 25th-Memorial Day holiday.

Please check the newsletter for information from Mrs. Forsythe for the end of the year information.


Let's start off with one of our favorites!!
Baby Shark

Religion-Thank you God for our amazing oceans.

Talk about how God's love for us is deeper than the sea!

...and a song for you!

Discovery: Bring the ocean to your child! Fill a small plastic wading pool with sand and water.  Provide a variety of shells, as well as plastic sea creatures  Now explore this miniature ocean!

Fine Motor:

  • Tape a sheet of large  blue paper to the tabletop. Draw a few lines to look like ocean waves.  Have your child use ocean/fish stickers, foam shapes along with crayons to make an ocean scene.
  • Gathering seashells.  Place seashells (or cut outs of seashells) around the house or outside. Have your child carry a plastic sand pail around to collect the shells.
Science:Ocean in a bottle-

  • 2 liter pop bottle
  • water
  • blue food coloring
  • vegetable or canola oil
  • funnel
Fill approximately 1/3 of your bottle with water.  Add several drops of food coloring.
Secure the lid very well (hot glue the top).
Have your child shake the bottle to dispense the food coloring!! Let the fun begin! Tip the bottle upside down and watch your ocean come to life!!

Writing practice- fill a tray with sand and provide ocean words on cards.  Your child can pick a card and copy it in the sand.

Sign in as student/select my class:
"Read To Me" suggestions:
What Kind of Ocean Animal Am I?
Under The Sea
Watch these stories on U tube:
A House For Hermit Crab
 The Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish craft
House for Hermit Crab craft

LET'S FIND OUT magazine:
Super Sea Turtle 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Exploring Nature!

Hi everyone! You should have received your packet from Mrs. Wilson. Have fun with your scavenger hunts!  Please keep the photos and work samples coming.  I'll share them on my Instagram page-(stpaulonthelakeprek).
Here are some additional activities for you to enjoy.  Feel free to pick and choose them as you feel appropriate for your little one!

Religion for the Week:
Enjoy and appreciate outdoors together!  Help your child to see God’s glory in the world and thank God for the beauty as you are on your scavenger hunts!. Saying simple things like “Isn’t God so creative?”, “Wasn’t God so good to give us all of these beautiful flowers, tree's birds, bugs, etc to learn about?” Tell them that we should always remember how awesome God's creation is!  Remind them that God is always here for us!

Songs to go along with our nature theme:

Crafts for our nature theme:

Friday, May 1, 2020

May Crowning

Hi everyone you should have received your learning packets for the week.This week we will focus on our Blessed Mother with the culminating activity of our May crowning on Friday.  I also have sent the rhyming activities which are always fun for the children!

Learning Time!

  • Pray "The Hail Mary" by singing:
  •  If you made a prayer corner, now is time to switch it up  and have the Blessed Mother statue or a picture of Mary posted. Put a pretty floral cloth as well.  Then head outside and have your child gather some flowers for Mary-- Any type will do- even the dandelions!  After you arrange the flowers, put them next to Mary.  Now you could read  a story about the Holy Family.
  • Take a walk and visit a Blessed Mother Statue
  • Have a springtime parade!  Play music and head out in to the backyard and maybe even include instruments
  • You and your child can write a story or a poem about Mary our Mother. You could also read sections from the Bible or other texts to honor Mary. You and your child can also recite the Hail Mary or another short tribute to Mary as well.
  • Introduce the rosary to your child by letting him/her look at it and you also have the coloring sheet I gave you.
Hear are some pretty songs for you to play as well:
Let's Get Cooking-

Rhyming Books:
Sheep in a Jeep
Fancy Nancy
Ten in the Bed
Splat the Cat
Hey Diddle Diddle

Friday, April 24, 2020

Zoo !

Hi Everyone,
You should have received your learning packets from me for the week  Please work on them as appropriate for you and your child.  Remember, Friday is a day to extend your celebration of Earth day with your child.  NO  OTHER SCHOOL WORK ON FRIDAY!
Also, I have added a new resource for you. It's called Epic Audio Books.  The link is below and you should be able to sign in with the following class code to explore and enjoy it with your child.
CLASS CODE:cjx1559
Learning Time- 
take a train ride through the house collecting all your zoo animals along the way. Then name the animals and compare the likenesses and differences between the animals!

Let's Find Out-Look at past issues about animals

Wiggle Break:

Search books in link below)-Click "Student" Select "Mrs. Nesom's Class" and  "guest student""read to me" then look up book.
-Curious George Visits The Zoo
-Going To The Zoo
-Sleepy Time for Zoo Animals

Religion-God Made Big Things-The children will see God's power shown in large creations.

Draw your favorite zoo animal

Math- Snack time
  •  have a Cracker Count with animal crackers-yummy!
  • make an octopus out of string chesee
  • sort and pattern rainbow goldfish crackers

Blocks-make a zoo

Gross Motor-

Small Motor- scissor practice -cut out pictures from magazines to make a collage

Science-Virtual tours of the zoo!

Thursday, April 16, 2020


Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well! I have enjoyed seeing all of the creative activities that you have been doing with your children!  Please continue to send them so I can put them on our instagram!!  You will be working on two packets this week. The Letter Y packet as well as a math packet. Please remember to work on these at a pace that is appropriate for your child.  The mini math packet can be done over the next couple of weeks.


Theme-Butterflies- go to our magazine (below)and enter butterflies for a complete lesson
 Read a story about butterflies- this is always a favorite:The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
Draw or paint a butterfly, display it in a window!

Religion-God Made Butterflies
Talk about how God made our world full of surprises and joy.  List things in nature that are amazing.
Discuss how cool it is that a little caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly!
When you say your bedtime prayers, thank God for all of His wondrous creation!

Practice -The Angel of God

Practice-Hail Mary

Make an Origami butterfly:

Watch and sing:

Use your magnifying glass and go on a nature hunt, looking for and then drawing all of God's smallest creatures you may find!

 You may also want to purchase a butterfly kit:

Science Spin April issue-Let's Move!

Gross Motor Activities:
Guess the letter Game:
  • write letters in the air 
  • write letters on someones back
  • write letters on the palm of hand
Roll The ball letter Game:
  • write an upper case letter on one side of a Solo cup and a matching lower case on the other side.
  • continue with whatever letters you want
  • spread out on the ground leaving a good amount of space in between
  • call out a letter and roll the ball to appropriate cup!
Letter Hunt in the Grass:
  • Spread letters all over the grass
  • Call out a letter
  • Everyone run to find it!

Monday, April 13, 2020

God Made Fish

I hope that the distance learning packet has been helpful to you.  The calendars provided are a really great way to engage your child in active learning-how they learn the very best!!  It is important to provide these opportunities for your child because this is what they normally would get in the classroom! Please keep referring to them and be creative with your lessons!!

Keep sending the photo's of your child hard at work so I can post them on my Instagram page!

This week we will study the letter X . Mrs. Wilson will be sending a packet for you to help your child with.
You might also want to complete the following craft for X.

You can also read Dr. Suess-Fox in Socks


This week our religion lesson is called: God Made Fish
You and your child talk about all different kinds of fish! Look at pictures in books or on line.
 Next, watch:

Sing: God Made Me and God Made you The kids were learning this and they love it!!! (So do I!)

For fun, you could also play the Go Fish card game!

Scholastic Magazine-Let's Find Out-search "fish"-enjoy this full lesson!
Continue to review the following:
Letters A-W  we hold up a flash card and sing: "A says a, A says a, every letter makes a sound and A says a.  Ask your child, they know the tune!

Review numbers 1-20 practice counting objects as well!

Scissor practice